FREE phone calls
Anywhere, Anytime. Meet Zip Phone – a smartphone app that works seamlessly to connect you with your contacts, for free.

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Packed with amazing features.

Simple, effective and easy to use, Zip Phone just needs to be installed and opened once, and works automatically after that.

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Seamless Usage.

It automatically detects your contacts using Zip Phone, and intelligently routs the call through 3G or WiFi. You never have to open the app, except after installation.

Great Sound Quality.

Using the latest in audio compression, Zip Phone delivers clear audio even at low bitrates.

Secure Calling, by default.

All your conversation are encrypted, so nobody can eavesdrop.

Low bandwidth support.

Going as low as 0.5 KB/s, Zip Phone uses very little bandwidth.

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Did we mention it is absolutely free?

Zip Phone makes your phone smarter and better,
saving you money while providing a better experience than regular telephony.

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And that’s not all! See for yourself.

Hidden under the hood are powerful features
designed to make your experience better.

P2P connections.

Your phone communicates directly with the other phone, without bouncing data off a server.

Privacy first.

We maintain no log of your calls. Your Privacy is important to us.

Check who is available.

From the app you can see which of your contacts are currently available on it. Invite friends and family who still haven't made the jump.

Greatest calling app.
No need to open another app for calling anyone.

Siddharth Kumar on the Play Store

Excellent VoIP application. I love the integration with the dialer, perfect quality on 3G & Wi-Fi.

Salomón Murcia Roncancio on the Play Store